Top Laptop Care Tips to Extend Its Life

Many things can be done to take care of the laptop to ensure it lasts a lifetime. From basic maintenance that takes a few minutes to complicated maintenance that takes a lot of time, you can easily increase the lifespan of your laptop and save a lot of money. In this post, you will learn important tips that can help you take care of the laptop like an expert.

Locking the notebook

laptop locking for privacyThis might appear to be unnecessary, but by locking the laptop, you can keep away every person around you from looking at whatever you are doing. Remember that a laptop is a personal computer, and it should stay that way. If it runs on Microsoft Windows, you can lock it easily by pressing the Windows Key and then pressing L at same time. This will lock the laptop. You can also unlock it by pressing Ctrl+ Atl+ Del and enter the password. This will take you back to the exact place you were.

Vent maintenance

You should check the vents on the laptop on a regular basis to ensure they are clear. Avoid pushing anything into air vents. You can clean the vents by using a can of air, which is bought at various computer supply stores.

Check the fan

If the fan is not working as required, you are likely to experience problems with the laptop overheating. This can cause problems with the monitor, hard drive, and memory. You can avoid this given problem by ensuring that the fan is working as required. If you are not sure whether the fan is functioning properly, you can check the website of the manufacturer and look for troubleshooting software.

Avoiding soft spots

This problem is quite common for a lot of people. When you place your laptop on the pillow or the lap, it restricts airflow to the vents and fans. This will make the laptop to heat up considerably.

Safely storing the laptop

Although there are amazing laptop bags which are sold for transporting the laptop, it is quite necessary to turn the laptop off before putting it into your backpack. In fact, if it is not shut down, it can easily catch fire or even meltdown.

Drinks beware

When drinking any beverage or your favorite beer, do it away from the laptop. In fact, laptops and drinks cannot mix no matter what you are drinking.avoid drinking near a laptop